How do I manage my domain DNS?

You may manage the DNS of a domain without a hosting account by following the steps below

  • Login to your client area.
  • Before you can add your zone, you have to ensure that the nameservers of your domain point to and
  • Click on Domains -> Manage DNS on the secondary menu bar
  • You may click the Add zone button to add a zone. (If you have already added a zone, you may click the Edit link to manage the zone).
  • Enter the domain name and the IP address you will like to point the domain to.
  • On the next page, you may add or modify the zone of your domain name

If you already have a hosting account for your domain, simply login to the cPanel via yourdomain/CPanel or via by clicking the cPanel button for your hosting account in your client area

    • In the Domains section, click on Zone Editor to manage the DNS of your domain
    • Once you are in, click on Manage
    • Click on Add Record
    • Enter the records below in the appropriate fields
      • Name: Enter Your domain name or the value given to you for this.
      • TTL: 14400
      • Type: i.e TXT, CNAME, SRV, NS, A, MX etc
      • Record: Enter the code or destination of the record added
    • Click on ADD RECORD button to submit

You will see a message that the record type has been added successfully.

If you have any issues with this, simply send a mail to

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